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Now Supplying Fence Materials!

KY AfternoonAs of January 2015, Blue Grass Treated Wood closed their Distribution Center in Nicholasville, KY. They approached The Thoroughbred Center with a unique opportunity to carry on their exceptional service and quality. Now equipped with delivery trucks and other equipment, The Thoroughbred Center is engaged in the distribution of farm fencing supplies.

Below are some of our retail prices for various items with wholesale pricing available for orders of 250 or more posts and 5 or more bundles of fence planks.

Item  Price
4-inch treated pine posts, round $6.95
5-inch treated pine posts, round and faced $9.75 – $9.95
6-inch treated pine posts, round and faced $11.25 – $11.75
7″-8″ x 8 foot treated pine gate posts $15.65
7″-10″ x 9 foot treated pine gate posts $19.95
6″-7″ treated pine barn poles in assorted lengths* $25.00 – $99.00
1″ x 6″ x 16 foot poplar and oak fence planks $7.25 – $8.25

*Barn Poles sold individually

Delivery is available as well as complete installation.

For pricing and/or more information, call (859) 293-5913 or email

We can also provide most maintenance and construction needs for your farm or estate. As you can see below, we provide a variety of services. Visit us to see some of the barn interiors we have designed and built! We are a Keeneland property and stand behind our work. Your satisfaction is always primary when you contract with us.

The following items can be quoted:
– Mowing and Lawn Care Services
– Fence Construction, Repair and Painting
– Run-In Shed Construction or Repair
– Barn Repair and Painting
– Tack Room Construction and Repair
– Stall Floor Installation
– Tree/Brush Clearing
– Driveway/road construction and renovation
– Preventive Maintenance Services for Equipment
– Training Track Repairs and Maintenance

*Note – Distance to the job site may require a travel fee.

Batwing/Bushhog $50 per hour
Finish Mowing $40 per hour
Lawn Care Services
Mulching $30 per hour plus the cost of mulch
Weedeating/Edging $30 per hour
Hedge Trimming $30 per hour
Fence Construction
4 plank oak fence with face board (unpainted) $5.45 per foot
4 plank oak fence with face board (painted) $5.65 per foot
Wire 48” No-Climb with Top Board (painted)
(bracing is at an additional cost)
$5.51 per foot
Centaur Polymer Fence Installation Quotes are Available
Existing Fence Removal $1.00 per foot
Fence Painting (Black) $0.50 per foot
Fence Painting (White) $1.00 per foot