What is The Thoroughbred Center?
The Thoroughbred Center is primarily a Thoroughbred training facility. We also host special events and give guided tours of the training facility. We can also provide most maintenance or construction needs for your farm or estate through our Farm & Estate Services Division.

Does The Thoroughbred Center offer horseback riding?
No. Horses stabled at The Thoroughbred Center are in training to race.

How many Thoroughbreds are on the facility?
There are generally between 900 and 1000 horses at The Thoroughbred Center.

Are you associated with the Kentucky Horse Park?
We are not affiliated with The Kentucky Horse Park. It is a state park and home to many breeds of horses, many of which are retired from racing.

How many acres does The Thoroughbred Center encompass?
The Thoroughbred Center is located on approximately 240 acres.

Who owns The Thoroughbred Center?
The Thoroughbred Center is wholly-owned subsidiary of Keeneland Association, Inc.